about lalibela

Lalibela is named after the holiest city in Ethiopia, where rock-hewn churches from the 12th century still exists today. The owner, Selamawit Tesfaye, is a native of Ethiopia and is excited about realizing her dream of bringing Ethiopian cuisine to Westchester.

At Lalibela you’ll find dishes for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans! Our menu embodies the full richness of slowly cooked meats, veggies, onions, fresh ginger, garlic, chilies and clarified butter with a distinctive variety of unique spices such as berbere and mitmita to create savory sautés and a delightful dining experience. One of Ethiopia's staple food is injera. Injera is made from a grain called teff, a tiny round cereal grain closely resembling millet, native to east Africa, ground to powder and fermented. Teff is loaded with protein, carbohydrates, minerals and is very low in gluten.

In addition to a delicious meal, you will enjoy a warm and cozy atmosphere.

We hope that you truly enjoy your visit with us.